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    The request for IFT proposals called for sensors able to detect "a single, walking, average-sized adult" and provide sufficiently high-resolution video of that adult at a range of up to 7.5 miles in daylight and darkness. Above all, it's clear to me as the CEO of an IT company that you understand deeply the potential of the Internet and its role in accelerating the Information Revolution. Take whichever information technology "law," and the message is the same: This is a revolution that's not ending any time soon. It's clear that technological change can develop a momentum of its own - widening not only the digital divide but the social or economic divide as well.

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    No woman wants to admit that she chose her ex-boyfriends for sex and her husband for stability but that is often the case. Those women know they are sharing the Alpha and accept that as the natural order.No matter the circumstance it is in the nature of every Beta female to submit to the Alpha male.They do not expect to be his exclusive or primary sexual partner and if they are granted such status it will be entirely at his prerogative.The females accept this unconditionally and seek to make themselves as desirable as possible in order to keep his favour and earn additional status.Single women tend to enthusiastically share the sexual experiences of the Alphas and ignore the Betas.To the extent that the Betas do enjoy some sexual experiences it is on the woman's terms and implicitly as a second priority to any sexual attention sought by the Alpha.In humans this dynamic is somewhat suppressed by the rules of society, but it is just below the surface.Although we think of our modern world as monogamy oriented with pairing being the overriding objective, that isn't quite true.

    When a woman is asked what she wants in a man she will usually focus on things like romance, stability and a good provider.

    His authority comes from the fact that others want to follow because he provides a stable and orderly environment where everyone knows and accepts their place.

    He takes on the responsibilities and obligations and expects the benefits and indulgences that come with being at the top of the hierarchy.

    The nature of the Alpha male is often poorly understood.

    First and foremost he is a leader, protector, provider, enforcer and arbiter of justice among his pack.

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